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Best Places to Stay in Sydney Australia

Oprah just finished her whirlwind tour of Australia witha grand gala show at the Sydney Opera House. I thought this Guest post By Fraser Brown was perfect to celebrate one of the best places in Australia and to commemorate Oprah's farewell show from Australia. Thanks for sharing Fraser!

One of my most favorite places to visit in Sydney Australia is Bondi Beach. This is the closest beach to   the centre of Sydney, and is a very popular spot. Bondi beach gives true holiday pleasure with its stunningly blue transparent water, beach front residences places and hip restaurants. This place is the just the best place as a holiday destination for students, family and large groups. Here are my Sydney Accommodation reviews for Bondi beach and area:

Bondi Beach has a huge number of residential places which are equipped with all the modern luxuries. It is situated in south Wales which is in the heart of Sydney. The usual season of popular congregation is summertime, which is an obvious guess, as its quite hot in that time so students and other people of Sydney gather around at this destination - as this is not only a beach. This place is known to have all types of water sports, markets to shop around in, bars and restaurants to dine in, and some cultural programs are also organized, along with some events and other celebrations.

This hotel is a mixture of cozy and luxurious atmospheres, which are decorated by oil paintings, antique sculptures and tapestries which add to the overall ambiance of the structure. Here you will get to see blend of two things: the traditional setup, along with latest amenities. That is what anyone will look for in a good place to spend a few memorable days.

One of the most ideal things about a great tourist destination like The Rocks is that when you visit, you can stay at the town favorite hotels and residential places. Sydney offers tons of luxury hotels, and five start establishments. One of the most well-known is the Amora Hotel, which is a popular spot for business travelers to stay at. Families on holiday also enjoy visiting this hotel as well. Staying at the Amora will place you right in the center of all town festivities.

Another hotel that you will likely enjoy staying at during your visit to The Rocks is the Park Hyatt. This hotel is also located in the heart of Sydney. It's location is especially beautiful, as it's located on the shoreline, nestled along the water. In your room you will have a lovely full view of the harbor, and you can walk to the Opera House whenever you would like to take in a show. These are two of the things that make this trip a five star destination for so many individuals.

If you are interested in staying in house, and enjoying your stay, then there are various facilities available such as a wireless internet to surf on while enjoying wine in the bar, along with listening to classic music. There is also a martini club known for its colorful history. You can also enjoy running around throughout the day shopping, or enjoying the gaming zone.

If you think that you're going to be bored, then you are sadly mistaken. You will find all sorts of activities that you can participate in. The Rocks offers museums, art galleries, theaters, and historical tours. It also has brilliant shopping available at it's local market - which is huge. You can shop in a calm and pleasant marketplace, and buy anything your heart desires. You might want to follow your shopping trip with a walk along the bridge, or a bicycle ride along the quaint bike routes. Most people visit The Rocks, and travel throughout the area by foot. They walk from the nearest railway station, and sometimes they will also take the circular quay on foot as well. Bus service is also available from and to many locations. Common buses taken are the 431 or 432. Wynard is another location that is very location, that can be reached by bus or on foot.

If you wish to reach the Bondi Beach, then the options available for you, are either train or bus. You can take a train to reach the Bondi junction, and then take a bus, which will go straight to the beach. And if you're coming by plane, then the beach is about 25 minutes away from the Sydney airport. From there, you can take a bus directly or hire any private vehicle to reach the beach. So when you have a chance, do not wait to get drenched in the beautiful water of Bondi Beach in the hot summer and chill, as your spirit cheers!

Editors Note - this year Australia once again appears prominently on our Best Places for Quality of Life.

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