Thursday, January 20, 2011

Best Places to Live in 2011 - Malta

Next on the list for International Living's Quality of Life Index and at position #3 for the Best Places to Live is Malta.

Like New Zealand Malta gets high marks for Culture, Freedom, Climate and Safety. Malta is also a bit of a darling for those with capital who are looking for the best places to retire where they pay the lowest taxes. Although Malta has taxation agreements with most EU countries and the United States those who manage a work around and show earnings from elsewhere get taxed at a lovely low flat rate of just 15%.

Malta has been growing and attracting a lot of expats over the past six or seven years - basically after they chose to enter the European Union in 2004. As a result the country has become more and more of a multi cultured mix of nationalities. You'll find people who have moved to Malta from just about every european country you can think of in addition to most other parts of the world.

So why move to Malta?

Well besides the opportunity to save big time on taxes there are lot sof reasons to live in Malta. Climate is probably top of the list. This is the place where outdoor living is not only desired but extremely comfortable and easy to do. If you're retired the cost of living is reasonable but if you're still in the job market wages are definitely lower than say the U.K. But many people are willing to accept less pay for a higher quality of life aren't they? Malta has lovely warm weather and beauty in all directions particularly in it's architecture with grand stone houses and flowers running wild along stone walls and fences.

It can be hard to think of Malta as a country because it's really just a grouping of small islands. It's located south of Italy and north of Africa. in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta is often referred as the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. The area it covers is quite small as just 122 square miles. To put that in perspective Malta is about twice the size of Washington D.C.

Malta may not be one of the cheapest places to live in the world but it is certainly one of the cheaper places to live in Europe.

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