Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canada and Immigration Tips

Should I Move to Canada?

There are a lot of people who love the idea of moving to another country and believe the cheapest and best places to live lie outside the borders of their native land. For this group of individuals immigration is the one solution to their dream of improving their quality of life. Of all the nations in the world that people contemplate moving to you'll discover that Canada seems to top many lists. While obtaining a Canadian tourist visa is relatively easy you will soon learn that the route to acquiring a Canada immigration visa is somewhat challenging, to say the least!

Moving to Canada

The ways and methods for applying for a Canadian immigration visa are varied and differ based on a number of factors about the person wanting to move to Canada. Your first step is to do some preliminary research. Begin by simply reviewing the application form to learn about the items which are necessary. This way you can prepare all of your documentation prior to filling out the correct kind of form for you particular circumstance. Once you've looked through the list of required items its then wise to go a little further and find extra tips and information online. Like anything in life the more prepared you are - the more information you have at your disposal and the more you learn about the present rules for immigration the greater your odds of success.

Canadian Permanent Resident Status

The goal of your application is to obtain Canadian Permanent Resident Status and the only way to get there is through the federal government of Canada. Although you can apply on your own the fastest way to ensuring you get approved is by hiring the best Canadian immigration lawyer you can find. To improve your odds of success you can also register your application for two types of residency positions - to be a long term resident of Canada but also apply for a short-term position. This way of applying is perfectly acceptable and is known as "Dual intent".

If you are unsure if living in Canada is for you and want to start by traveling through Canada you can do so with a different kid of visa whereby you will not be regarded as a resident but you will still be able to stay and travel freely. Its important that you understand all of the facts around these types of temporary visas and the application requirements. One great resource to learn all you need to know is 'The Canada Immigration Workplace'.

When it comes time to send in your application for an immigration visa double check and make sure you have submitted all of the required information and documents that are requested. Additionally its important to understand that if you provide any false information or if you simply refuse to supply any of the required paperwork not only will you be refused admittance into Canada but you will also not be permitted to re-use your application for immigration to Canada. In other words you will have to start over.

While these laws may sound harsh they're in place to offer freedom and access to genuine travellers who want to temporarily reside in Canada.

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