Monday, June 13, 2011

Your Best Investments

In this article we are going to cover some of the best investments as far as ways and places to invest in. With so many investment options, how does a person know where to put their money? You do exactly what you are doing, research. Get different ideas and options and then pick the investments that will match your investment objectives.

Lets start out with lump sum investments.

Best Lump Sum Investment

Annuity - If you have a lump sum which you want to get a guaranteed monthly payout from, then investing in an annuity might be just right for you.

You need to choose a solid insurance company first, then decide how much money you want to invest in the annuity. Based on their calculations you will be presented with different options, they will include duration and monthly payment. This is one of the safest lump sum investments for a guaranteed return for the time you select.

Best Countries to Invest In

With so much financial turmoil around the world, the list of favorable countries to invest in changes frequently. For this reason it is wise to diversify and only invest a portion of your overall capital in these countries. Plus, keep up to date with the changes before you make your final choices.

Here are the top five countries according to Forbes and a few other financial experts:

- Norway
- Finland
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Hong Kong

Side Note - The United States has slipped down into 7th place as of this writing.

Other Areas to Invest In

There are so many places to put you money it's hard to capture all of them. You will also be persuaded by who you talk to. If you talk to a real estate agent they will tell you real estate is the place to be, if you talk a banker they will say CD's is the safest (@ .75 percent I need to laugh).

Here are a few places to consider: Precious metals, selected ETF's, diversified overseas funds and commodities (funds that invest in food, fuel, pharmaceuticals).

We mention the word "funds" a lot because they are diversified for you, these are the best places to invest in for most average people and they make up the ions share of the Best Retirement Plan. In a world that is so unsettled you want to stay diversified as much as you can.

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