Friday, September 10, 2010

Learn The Stunning Scenery And Wildlife With Panama Tourist Attractions

Guest Post By Tyler Ramos

When you are looking for a vacation destination that offers the extremes in beauty, friendliness and adventure, then considering Panama tourist attractions and the country itself will be an important step in your planning. This country has fabulous weather, beautiful scenery, and the people are hospital and friendly.

The world class restaurants, clubs, and dancing that are located throughout Panama City are a great way to spend an exciting holiday for people who enjoy the metropolitan fun and excitement of the city. There are fabulous shopping opportunities and fantastic theatre and museums.

The Parque Metropolitano will treat you to several hundred acres of beautiful park land surrounding the ruins of a historic Spanish town. There are stunning wildlife from both South and Central American to be seen while you are hiking, backpacking or horseback riding through the countryside. Spending the day hiking through the countryside is a great experience and will give a photographer many opportunities to get photos of wildlife, flora and fauna that is not seen in other parts of the world.

If you enjoy fishing and hiking through the mountains and along the crystal clear mountain streams, then a visit to Boquete National Park will be a must. Take a guided tour through the mountain side or hide to one of the beautiful springs that are a great way to end a hike.

For a holiday at the ocean staying at one of the beautiful beachside resorts at Bocas del Toro will be an exciting vacation to remember. There is fabulous ocean and beach activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, and fishing. Or, you might want to spend your days languishing on the beautiful beach.

One of the many oceanside national parks is Bastimentos National Park. This is one of the few parks in the world where a person can enjoy both the beautiful white sand and a swim with the docile manatee. The manatee are often referred to as the mermaid of the ocean because it is thought that they saved drowning sailors after shipwrecks. This beautiful, gentle creatures give added memories to the person who wants to spend the day enjoying swimming and snorkeling.

Another wonderful place to spend time will be the Soberania Park. You can step into the historic past of Panama and walk along the same road that was build when the Spanish first arrived in Panama. The Las Cruces trail was used to carry goods to Panama City and gives hikers an opportunity to see the beautiful interior of the country and parts of the Panama Canal.

One of the most attractive things about visiting Panama is the people. When visiting this fabulous country, you will find that the friendly and warm people are always available to help you if you need to find an event, attraction, restaurant or location. The warmth and hospitality that you will find is unlike any found in the world and will make you want to return to the country often.

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