Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cheapest Places to Live in Canada - Toronto & Montreal NOT!

Yesterday the National/Financial Post's Eric Lam revealed that Toronto and Montreal are a couple of the most expensive cities to live in. Not just in Canada but the world!

Cheapest Place to Live in Canada - Not!

He wrote about a USB study which was released yesterday noting that these Canadian Cities are even more expensive than London or Dubai. Interesting that he or the study never mentioned Vancouver or Victoria which are often assumed to be very expensive to liv in.
So, if you're searching for the cheapest places to live than you may want to avoid cities on this list of the most expensive:

1. Oslo
2. Zurich
3. Geneva

These cities took top spots as the most costly cities to live in.

4. Tokyo
5. Copenhagen
6. New York
7. Stockholm

Although he doesn't state it specifically by inference Toronto and Montreal come in at 8th and 9th while London is the 10th most expensive city to live in.

Bucharest, Manila and Mumbai.

One wild card here was that Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was also in the five cheapest cities to live in.

Read about it here Toronto, Montreal among most expensive cities

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