Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cheapest Places to Buy a House in Canada

I was skimming the MoneySense area of Canadian Business Online and came across an interesting little article about the Best Places to Live in Canada.

Of course I wanted to see the criteria as they looked at over 150 communities in Canada. One of the things they looked at which helps to ge an idea of where the Cheapest Places to Live in Canada may be was the list of house prices and specifically their list of the cheapest houses in Canada. here's what they said:

Cheapest place to buy a house in Canada - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia at just over $100K for the average home price. The list of the top five cheapest places or lowest average house prices in Canada looked like this:
#1 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia $101,034
#2 Portage la Prairie. Manitoba $102,367
#3 Dolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec $103,280
#4 La Tuque, Quebec $103,830
#5 Saguenay, Quebec $148,761

It's interesting to see that the province of Quebec holds three of the top spots for Cheapest Places to buy a house in Canada.

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