Friday, September 3, 2010

The Cheapest Places to Visit in Europe

If you live in the UK you'll appreciate this information. I was reading a blog by Donna Ferguson and she has done some excellent research regarding the cheapest places to visit this summer. Donna is based in the UK so the post is targeted towards those Brits looking at their usual holiday destinations but with that said it really doesn't matter wear you live in the world. If you're thinking of a visit to Europe this data will certainly be helpful and save you some money. At the very least it will aid in your travel plans and give you some ideas on where the cheapest places to stay are.

It looks like Portugal and Spain are the real hot spots for holiday this summer as prices are way down on everything from accommodations to food. Of course a lot of this has been influenced by the declining value of the Euro compared to the British pound. Ferguson notes that prices are down 41% in Portugal over last year and 39% in Spain. Conversely traveling from the UK on pounds would cost 35% more compared to last year. That translated into a pretty poor tourist season for the U.S. at least when it comes to visitors from England.

Check it out! - The cheapest holiday destinations

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