Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cheapest Places to Visit this Summer

Here's an interesting little article I stumbled across this morning - it gives a nice summary of 7 of the Best Places to Visit, right now while summer is still here. And the kicker is these places are cheap! Exactly what everyone wants to hear as the stick market continues its wild ride. For me! I think it's time to say good bye to Mr. Toad for a little while and step off that crazy ride for a cheap mini vacation.

So, what does Yahoo travel say is Hot and cheap right now?

How about -

Chicago Illinois


Atlanta Georgia

Now, out of those Top 7 Places what does one have that none of the other six do? Can you guess? It's pleasant weather! Yes, isn't it interesting that six of the seven cheap places to visit right now are smokin' hot and I'm not taking a great deal or smokin' hot popular no they're plain old smokin' hot! That leaves but one option on the list for escaping the heat of the south and that's Victoria in beautiful British Columbia Canada!

Here's a bit about what Yahoo! says is the reason Victoria is a good place to visit with good deals right now -
The Canadian Dollar - not sure if you are aware of this, many Americans are clueless, but as the green back plumets the the Canadian Dollar has been soaring high since the spring. That means a lot of Canadians are heading south across the U.S. border to enjoy deep recession discounts that are even sweeter because their dollar is worth more than the U.S. dollar. With less British Columbian's and other Canadians visting their own home town of Victoria hoteliers have been offering deals and keeping prices down. Hotwire reports room rates in Victoria are actually 10 percent lower than they were last year.

Of course bargain room prices are one of the last things to consider when thinking of a visit to Victoria. This city has so much to see and do. Many say, if you want to visit England but can't afford the fare, just pop up to Victoria and you'll get all the British fanfare you can handle. The city also has some of the finest restaurants and dining options on the west coast of North America, beautiful beaches, theatre, music, wildlife... oh, and did I mention the flowers?  The list goes on and on.

So, if you're looking for a cheap place to escape to before summer ends - check out Victoria, British Colombia Canada!

You can read more about the 7 Cheapest Places to Visit here -

Yahoo Travel - Places that are Cheap Now!

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