Friday, April 29, 2011

Best Places to Visit in Mexico

Vacation to Mexico

If you ask around where the popular places to vacation where this year odds are that a majority of singles and families will say Mexico! It's true the popularity of Mexico has made it one of the hottest international destinations for a tropical vacation.  Americans and Canadians are flocking here for  a number of reasons. Probably foremost on the least is the Mexico is one of the Cheapest Places to Vacation. But it also has a lot to offer anyone one individual as well as family fun. In this diverse Latin American country you can find everything from a rich and colourful history to some of the best beaches on the planet.

Vacation Destinations in Mexico

Mexico City is one place which will keep you entertained and engaged for as long as you can stay. And there is truly enough to keep an entire family interested. Adults love to learn more about Mexico by visiting the numerous museums where they can spend days catching up on history and cultural facts. Families and children in particular are sure to love the Mexico City Zoo. For an extra special treat anyone will enjoy consider taking a picnic lunch at Chapultepec Park. With 2000 acres to enjoy you can have family fun or a romantic get away for a couple. Another favorite family outing, if you happen to visit at the right time, is to take in a match of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. One of the best attractions in the city that you don't want to miss is the floating gardens. These beautiful have a history in Mexico that lasts over seven centuries. You would truly be hard pressed to find a similar historic place anywhere else on earth. But the city is not all culture and history. For those who are single there's an  almost limitless selection of night clubs where you can have serious adult fun from the time the sun goes down until it comes back up - if you like!

Cancun - Following a busy day touring the city you may want to experience one of the most exotic places in Central America by spending a few days in Cancun. Explore the incredible white sand beaches and azure blue sea or just do nothing and hang by the pool until the discos spring to life. It's easy to visit the local attractions in Cancun. You can certainly walk the strip but the easiest way to get around is to take the local tourist buses. They have set rates and cater specifically to tourist. Try a trip into the  downtown area and visit the flea market where you can buy all manner of trinkets and Mexican art. But  Cancun doesn't have to be all about lazying on the beach or partying. It's a good idea to reserve keep one day for getting out of town and visiting the nearby ruins. The best way is to make it a day trip. This is perfect for those who are traveling with family. But more so it's probably the best city for singles one can find in Mexico. One quick tip - be sure to take good sun glasses and a good wide brimmed sun hat. Plus carry plenty of fresh bottled water. In Cancun leave your watch behind and simply enjoy the fact you can lose all track of At any cost do not miss this part for any reason.

Cozumel  is another 'must see' place in Mexico. This is the place to let your hair down while you enjoy Mexican cuisine, latin music, dance and of course shopping. Cozumel is the place to find anything and everything you might want. Not only that but there are plenty of activities to keep everyone in the family happy and entertained including learning to scuba dive and taking a snorkeling trip.

Once you have experienced the true Mexico and it's people you will want to come back again and again.  It's not the kind of place where you can see it all in one visit anyways. Many people return to Mexico year after year and explore a different place each time. With so much to see and do it's easy. There are several places where you spend an entire week exploring and learning new and interesting things about this ancient and historical country.

Once you've caught a taste of Mexico you'll find it difficult to let this country out of your heart.

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