Thursday, February 3, 2011

World's Most Visionary Cities

Something very cool, interesting and thought provoking from Yahoo! Travel - the World's Most 'Visionary' Cities. I have to say I'm putting some of these places top of my list to check out for potential as the Best Cities to Live in!

While many people still get the image of polluted, industrial wasteland whenever the word 'city' is mentioned, visionary architects, engineers and city planners have been busy solving the world's problems. There is some really cool and innovative design and thinking going on around our planet.

When one hears, 'Abu Dhabi' the first thing to come to mind is likely Dubai. Yes, both are located in the United Arab Emirates. One might think of them as states but the are correctly termed 'emirates' - because they are ruled by emirs. Now deserts, and oil probably also come to mind when thinking about this part of the world. Few have heard of Masdar City. But, you likely will. You see Masdar is a modern marvel of design that is being constructed in Abu Dhabi. It's truly a city of the future being built now. The city will come fully online around 2020. Here are a few of the exciting and visionary aspects of this city for the future - it will be completely solar and wind powered; most if not all of it's wastewater will be recycled into soil and natural fertilizer; it will be enclosed to keep out the harsh desert winds, sands and the scorching sun; only electric transportation will be permitted so it will be virtually carbon free.

The stated goal of the designers is "the Highest Quality of Life with the Lowest Environmental Impact".

After thought...

Here's what struct me as somewhat humorous, yes I can be a bit twisted, here we have the largest oil producing area of the world selling their oil to the largest consumers of oil in the world all the while they are taking the profits from those sales to build a city which will consume no oil! Hmmmm, sounds like the makings of another list, 'the smartest or perhaps dumbest people in the world!' Guess it depends on what city you live in!

Source: Yahoo Travel

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