Monday, February 21, 2011

Cheapest Restaurants in Dublin

There are excellent restaurants in Dublin but some of them are very expensive. If you're on a budget you can get really fine food for less at the Cheaper Restaurants in Dublin. Fortunately you can find them throughout the city.

Whether your preference is fish and chips, Chinese, Italian, Indian or Thai cuisine you there are numerous reasonably priced restaurants all over Dublin.

My favourite fish and chip place in the city is Beshoffs in O'Connell Street. This traditional fish and chips restaurant is almost 100 years old and is noted for the freshness of their fish and the quality of the chips. Fish is selected from the quayside (in Howth) and there can be up to 20 different varieties, depending on the day's catch. Cod, haddock, prawns and scallops are among the favourites. Although they specialize in fish, they also serve chicken, burgers and sausages as well as a variety of vegetables. But it is the fish that most people come for. Customers have a choice of takeaway or eat in the Edwardian style rooms upstairs.

For a really good value Chinese meal I like to go to Jimmy Chungs. It is located on Eden Quay in the City Centre just off O'Connell Street. There is a wide variety of authentic Chinese dishes including starters, soups, main courses and desserts. The food is presented buffet style and you can eat as much as you want for a fixed price. This is an excellent option if you are staying in any of the city centre accommodations and is especially suited to groups and parties.

Pizzas are an ever popular meal, especially late at night, and there are numerous pizza joints all around the city centre. Most of the well known brands are there and they are tasty enough but my favourite is a less well known place called The Independent Pizza Company. This is located in Drumcondra on the north side of the city. Here you get a very large pizza with a huge variety of toppings. This is the tastiest pizza I have found and it is reasonably priced.

Another very good, if somewhat unusual, choice is the Mongolian BBQ, in Temple Bar. This is another 'eat all you want and come back for more' establishment. Mongolian BBQ is prepared on a large griddle where you select fresh meats and vegetables from a wide choice, along with herbs, spices and sauces, and they are cooked to perfection on the griddle in a few minutes while you wait. You can also have as much rice as you want and you can return to the buffet as many times as you like. I find that, even when you are very hungry you are fully satisfied after the second round. This is a convenient, healthy and fun way to eat out.

Indian restaurants have become very popular in Ireland in the past few years with numerous take away and sit down outlets appearing around the cities and towns. My favourite in the city is Afsana Indian Restaurant in Temple Bar. This place never disappoints because the food is consistently good, they serve generous portions and the prices are reasonable. They do some excellent Tandoori dishes and their pilau rice is perfect.

Thai restaurants are now becoming more commonplace and we are becoming more accustomed to the cuisine. Dublin has its fair share of Thai restaurants but there is one which stands out. The Thai Orchid is also one of the oldest Thai restaurants in the city and their experience shows in the quality of the food and the variety of authentic Thai dishes. The aroma of lemon grass and coconut which assails your nostrils when you enter assures you that a true taste of Thailand awaits you.

The city of Dublin has all the world renowned fast food outlets and takeaways and it is possible to find the Cheapest Restaurants from almost every nation in the world. There are many good Spanish Restaurants and Tapas Bars, Japanese Sushi restaurants, French, Vietnamese, American, Moroccan, Lebanese and many others throughout the city so there is a taste and price range to suit everyone.

Editors Note: As we examine the Cheapest Places to Live one thing that always comes up top of the list is the cost of food. Not just groceries but the opportunity to eat out cheaply. For those looking for the best places to retire living on a limited or fixed budget is often the case. So, finding the cheapest places to eat can be very important.

About our Guest Author: Sylvester H. Grant says, " Don't forget you can choose Dublin Hotels or Dublin Bed and Breakfast while sampling Dublin's fine food.


Ashwani Upadhyay said...

Going to restaurants, it is my favourite weekend place. Food, lots of people around and a healthy environment. Having a Good quality restaurant in Dublin will give a moment of happiness for Ireland People.

Ashwani Upadhyay said...

Going to restaurants, it is my favourite weekend place. Food, lots of people around and a healthy environment. Having a Good quality restaurant in Dublin will give a moment of happiness for Ireland People.