Monday, March 1, 2010

Places to Live in #13 Austria

Let's see if we can find anything about the Cheapest Places to Live in Austria, our 13th place Best Country to Live in as publish by International Living in the 2010 Quality of Life Index.

Austria Properties

Austria may be a cheaper option for those considering a move overseas. The price of properties in Austria are currently less than those found  in the U.K. Also, places to live in Austria are cheaper than in France and Switzerland, according to

Managing director and online property specialist, Simon Malster says,

"This was especially true in the case of Austrian ski properties. It is charming, very traditional and it is different from the ski resort areas in the other countries. We have a lot of clients who buy for the summer in Austria. We don't get in Switzerland or France."

Buying properties in Austria may also be good in terms of investment. The Channel 4 program, "A Place in the Sun",  recently voted Austria 16th in its top 20 places to make money.

Austria Hotels

Obviously your first exposure to living in Austria is Austrian Hotels. You're likely to stay in and experience quite a few Austria Hotels on your quest to find the cheapest place to live as you scour properties in Austria to find the best place for you. The hospitality, quality and cleanliness of Austria Hotels gives one a good insight into what living in Austria is like. Looking at the way one treats their guests gives great insight into the culture of a country. Just look at how many people are now interested in Vancouver Canada after experiencing the warm and hospitality during the winter Olympics. Here are a few Austria Hotels to consider:
Burgenland - Hotel Burgenland (4 Star)
Klagenford: Hotel Dermuth (4 Star); Hotel Rokohof (4 Star); Palais Porcia (4 Star)
Velden: Hotel Parks (4 Star); Seehotel Europa (4 Star)
Lower Austria
Baden (near Vienna): Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf (4 Star); Grand Hotel Sauerhof (4 Star)
Durenstein: Hotel Schloss Duernstein (5 Star)
Salzberg City: HOtel Bristol (5 Star); Hotel Goldener Hirsch (5 Star); Sheraton (5 Star)

Car Hire Austria

One key thing you will need to be aware of when you are searching Properties Austria is getting around. This is not a heavily populated country with mass transit everywhere so, car rental Austria will be very important. Take note if you are from the Americas that terminology can be a bit different in Europe. This is a good example - where an American would search 'Car Rental Austria' a European would make this inquiry instead, 'Car Hire Austria'. Language differences can be subtle form country to country but knowing how to ask a question in a way the local people are used to will always get you better and faster results.

As a quick recap - it's not easy finding information about the cheapest places to live in Austria so travelling to Austria and checking out Properties Austria first hand looks like the way to go. Don't forget to inquire about Austria Chalets. This is a very common way to live in Austria and Chalet Properties Austria are going to be quite common. Don't forget to plan ahead and look for 'Car Hire Austria' vs 'Car Rental Austria' - the former search term will get you better results. Also, shop around for Austria Hotels - there are many, many beautiful ones to make your visit to Austria memorable and informative.

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