Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin Dead

Totally off topic and nothing to do with this blog but I need to pause and honour one of my all-time favorite entertainers and comedians, George Carlin who died yesterday of Heart failure as reported in Los Angeles (AFP)

George Carlin had been in show business for 50 years. He made 22 albums and won four Grammy Awards. He died at age 71.

As a teenager I can remember listening with my big brother to his album AM/FM and later becoming all too familiar with his now infamous "Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV" routine. Some of the news articles today say that is what he will be most remembered for. I really hope it is the biting anti-establishment brand of humour he refined that people will remember.

An icon for free speech and using your brain I take this moment to pause and give thanks to George Carlin for reminding us all that common sense and humour can change the world if we just slow down long enough to think.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Canada's Best Places to Live

Canadian Business Money Sense Magazine ranks the 'Best Places to Live" in Canada each year. Here's the line up for the Top 10 Best Places to Live in Canada:

Ottawa-Gatineau, ON
Victoria, BC
Frederickton, NB
Kingston, ON
Levis, QC
Moncton, NB
Winnipeg, MB
Burlington, ON
Halifax, NS
Vancouver, BC

The introduction says, "If you've ever wondered about picking up and moving, you've probably pondered what makes a community a good place to live. Is it climate? Salaries? Real estate? To be honest, it's probably a bit of each of those factors, plus many more."

MoneySense's third "Canada's Best Places to Live" list has a lot of data to help readers sift through some of the most important factors in choosing the Best Place to Live. It may not exactly come out and say, "Hey, here are the Cheapest Places to Live!" but at least it provides some criteria whereby you can figure out what kind of lifestyle you might be able to create.

To see the complete list and read all about it go here - The Best Places to Live in Canada.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama Launches

OK, I know I'm being quite political today but let's face it the US Election is one the top of everyone's mind and a focal point of many conversations whether you live in Panama or the United States this election is a hot topic. It's also bringing some interesting ideas and points out in the open. One of the things many American expats say they left the U.S. for was a distain of the politics particularly the negative smear campaigns which seem to have become part of the routine.

Here's some freshing news -

The Obama campaign just launched a new website,

Now you may be thinking 'Ya, it's just another gimmick. Just businesses who hide profit motives behind charity gigs. But, let's face isn't it time we all 'FightTheSmears'? Regardless of political affiliation I believe this cause is a winner and worth supporting. So, here's the line right from -

"So, if you've ever recieved a smear email, heard a false rumor from a friend or acquaintance, or come across a website propagating lies, and wondered how to fight back, now you know what to do: visit and take direct, productive action to push back on these mistruths."

CNN Reports on Obama-McCain poll

CNN’s Jack Cafferty about the close race between Barack Obama and John McCain

In today's Cafferty file, John Cafferty of CNN asks, "What does it mean if Barack Obama and John McCain are less than ten points apart in the polls?"

The latest CNN poll has Obama ahead of Panama born McCain by just 5 percentage points at 48% to 43%.
New Wall Street Journal and NBC polling puts Barack Obama 6 points up, thats double what his last lead was. It’s smaller than the 16-Point spread the Democrats’ had when voters are asked what party they want to see in the White House.
One poll gives strengths and weaknesses of both candidates. For Obama, he is ahead of McCain among Catholics, African-Americans, Women, Hispanics and Independents. Even the blue-collar segment favors Barack Obama. He's ahead, 61% to 19%, among the primaries Clinton supporters.
John McCain beats Obama as a favorite among white men by 20%. The senator from Arizona also leads Obama among white suburban women. But Barack Obama leads John McCain among all white women.
McCain's greatest challenge may be President Bush. One pollster for the democrats says the president is a huge ball and chain for McCain. Many voters surveyed say they are looking for a leader of change vs one of experience.