Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin Dead

Totally off topic and nothing to do with this blog but I need to pause and honour one of my all-time favorite entertainers and comedians, George Carlin who died yesterday of Heart failure as reported in Los Angeles (AFP)

George Carlin had been in show business for 50 years. He made 22 albums and won four Grammy Awards. He died at age 71.

As a teenager I can remember listening with my big brother to his album AM/FM and later becoming all too familiar with his now infamous "Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV" routine. Some of the news articles today say that is what he will be most remembered for. I really hope it is the biting anti-establishment brand of humour he refined that people will remember.

An icon for free speech and using your brain I take this moment to pause and give thanks to George Carlin for reminding us all that common sense and humour can change the world if we just slow down long enough to think.

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