Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama Launches

OK, I know I'm being quite political today but let's face it the US Election is one the top of everyone's mind and a focal point of many conversations whether you live in Panama or the United States this election is a hot topic. It's also bringing some interesting ideas and points out in the open. One of the things many American expats say they left the U.S. for was a distain of the politics particularly the negative smear campaigns which seem to have become part of the routine.

Here's some freshing news -

The Obama campaign just launched a new website,

Now you may be thinking 'Ya, it's just another gimmick. Just businesses who hide profit motives behind charity gigs. But, let's face isn't it time we all 'FightTheSmears'? Regardless of political affiliation I believe this cause is a winner and worth supporting. So, here's the line right from -

"So, if you've ever recieved a smear email, heard a false rumor from a friend or acquaintance, or come across a website propagating lies, and wondered how to fight back, now you know what to do: visit and take direct, productive action to push back on these mistruths."

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