Thursday, June 12, 2008

CNN Reports on Obama-McCain poll

CNN’s Jack Cafferty about the close race between Barack Obama and John McCain

In today's Cafferty file, John Cafferty of CNN asks, "What does it mean if Barack Obama and John McCain are less than ten points apart in the polls?"

The latest CNN poll has Obama ahead of Panama born McCain by just 5 percentage points at 48% to 43%.
New Wall Street Journal and NBC polling puts Barack Obama 6 points up, thats double what his last lead was. It’s smaller than the 16-Point spread the Democrats’ had when voters are asked what party they want to see in the White House.
One poll gives strengths and weaknesses of both candidates. For Obama, he is ahead of McCain among Catholics, African-Americans, Women, Hispanics and Independents. Even the blue-collar segment favors Barack Obama. He's ahead, 61% to 19%, among the primaries Clinton supporters.
John McCain beats Obama as a favorite among white men by 20%. The senator from Arizona also leads Obama among white suburban women. But Barack Obama leads John McCain among all white women.
McCain's greatest challenge may be President Bush. One pollster for the democrats says the president is a huge ball and chain for McCain. Many voters surveyed say they are looking for a leader of change vs one of experience.

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