Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best Places to Visit this Summer - Italy

WE all know what it feels like when we the time for our annual summer vacation gets close. It's always exciting! And it's extra special when that vacation permits us the opportunity to see and experience other parts of our amazing world. I always say, 'So many countries - so little time!' And speaking of time one thing I have learned is that a proper trip to a foreign country requires extra time to plan. Not only time to plan but for most it takes a long period of time just to save up the funds for an exotic treat to a foreign country. Of course there are some people are fortunate and have enough wealth to explore a different country every year.

Best Places to Vacation

Normally the initial stage for planning any vacation begins with the question, Where? Your choice for the best vacation spot is one of the most important parts of your vacation plan. Take your time and research thoroughly. For North Americans and Brittons one of the best places to holiday in the summer is somewhere in Europe. For those who are able to take extra leave of work in the neighborhood of 4 to 6 weeks, a European tour is certainly possible. But for many who only have a week or two its best to concentrate on just one country. France, Germany and Italy are probably the most popular destinations as they are larger countries whereby a week is barely enough to take in all the wonderful sights. This summer may I suggest a well planned visit to Italy?

Vacation in Italy

Yes, it is one of the most popular places to visit in the summer and for good reason, it's simply a fantastic country to go on holiday. For anyone traveling to Europe Italy is normally one of their top places to visit.

It's a challenge not to get excited about the idea of vacationing in Italy. This is one country that has ti all - you can visit great historical sites; travel easily and comfortably throughout the country by car or train; and explore numerous regions to sample their unique cuisine and fines wines. Some of the best foods and wines in the world come from Italy and it's difficult to leave without sampling them all. Also, Italian art is world renowned for its beauty and character. The bottom line here is that visiting this part of Europe will satisfy pretty much every taste and interest.

For those looking for a romantic place to honeymoon you will certainly find marital bliss in Italy. Take Venice for example, nothing can beat the incredible floating city for beauty, scenery and entertainment. Rome is another city with an incredibly romantic ambiance. There just something about Roman history that brings a blend of romance and eroticism sure to make any honeymoon sizzle.

Many people also regard Tuscany as a very romantic and glamorous destination. What Rome creates in raw appeal Tuscany delivers in terms of class and sophistication. Florence is another historical Italian city where scenery alone can inspire the budding artist in anyone.

If you are concerned about planning to go to the best places in Italy you may want to consider the idea of purchasing a package. Good package tours will insure you don't miss a thing as they include tours of the most famous sites; your accommodations and usually your airfare and transfers. When it comes to booked a package deal for your Italian vacation you can take it easy and spend your time learning more about the places you will be visting rather than sweating over all the tiny details of planning your whole vacation a la carte. Professional tour firms will do take care of rest. And with the internet it's easy to read reviews and make sure you are going with the best. most reputable companies. Just a bit of research guarantees your satisfaction.

Although we've talked at length about the romantic nature of Italy for couples and honeymoons in particular you may not know that a holiday in Italy is also excellent for families. It can give your children a great introduction to European history and learning about all of the other cultures of Europe. Plus they will see and experience some of the most beautiful scenery and architecture in Europe. Not only that but vacation home rentals or home exchanges are quiet common here and make for very reasonable family accommodations.

Still not convinced Italy is your best place to holiday this summer? Well, I suggest the best thing you can do is make a list of all the things you wish to enjoy on your European vacation this summer. Before long you'll discover Italy captures your heart and your logical brain!

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