Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Move to Spain

Oops, just remembered I was going to continue our review of Spain and look at some of the things to consider with a Move to Spain but I got side tracked.

Removals to Spain

In America that term sounds kind of funny. For some reason the word 'Removal' has taken o a negative meaning here. I always find it interesting how the meaning and differences of words often don't occur to us unless we travel.

Well, in this case I've come to learn that 'Removals to Spain' or 'Removals to France' or 'Removals to...'  anywhere is what Europeans and the English refer to when they are speaking about a move - as in getting a mover to package and move household stuff to another place.

Car Hire Spain

Another term I have come across is 'Car Hire'. I had never heard of that one before either.  It seems it's quite common in the U.K. and Europe to ask for say 'Car Hire Spain' as opposed to a 'Car Rental Spain'.

Anyhow, I just find this whole language difference thing fascinating. We spend so much of our time in communication conflict - let's face it even wars have been started and continue over the interpretation of words. If we just took the time to do a little research - a little study and try to uncover the meaning of words in other places the world would be a more peaceful place. And that's my piece or peace for the day!

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