Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Which U.S. Cities have the lowest Cost of Living?

As you know we're very big proponents of 'getting out'. That is we believe the cheapest and happiest places to live are not to be found in the fast paced, get rich quick false promises espoused by the supposed developed countries like the United States, England and Canada. But for those who simply cannot see themselves breaking free of their homeland here's an interesting look at living cheap in  the U.S. 

CBS Money Watch asks, Which U.S. Cities have the lowest Cost of Living?

Jason McCormrick writing for Moneywatch reviews the Cost of Living data from the Council of Community and Economic Research  to show us the 10 cheapest places to live in the United States

The council hasn't produced one of those fluff with out substance lists either. This is a proper index that looked at over three hundred urban areas in the States and complied data on more than 50,000 prices for a huge basket of common good we all need to live. Things like food, transport and homes were examined. So, lets' a have a quick peak at which communities they found to be the cheapest -

#1. Harlington Texas has topped their list for the past 3 years as the most affordable place to live in the U.S. In Harlington you can rent for under $700 a month or buy a home for under $220,000. Movies are still under $10 and milk will set you back just over $2.

#2. McAllen Texas sits in second place. Interesting to note that the state of liquid gold also boost the top 2 cheapest places to live. I didn't look in detail at all the numbers but noted that the cost of buying a home was even less than Harrlington at just over $200,000

#3. Norman Oklahoma had a cost of living more than 14% less than the national average.

#4. Oklahoma hits the list again with Ardmore coming in 4th.

#5. Memphis Tennessee is the 5th least expensive city to live in.

#6. Fayetteville Arkansas

#7. Wichita Falls Texas - there's Texas again with it's 3rd entry into the top 10 cheapest places to live.

#8. And Oklahoma hits the list another time too with Muskogee in eight place.

#9. Not only is Pueblo Colorado the 9th cheapest places to live according to Livability.com Pueblo is one of America's Best Places to Live as well.

 #10 and coming in as the 10th cheapest place to live in the US is Ashland Ohio.

When you look at this list it could mean where ever you currently live in the States it may not be that far a stretch to see yourself moving to one of these cheap places north, south, east or west!

Now it's your turn - what do you think? Do you live in any of these places? Are you surprised, pleased to learn about these spots? Leave your comments below and let us know what you're thinking. 

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