Sunday, November 29, 2015

The 10 Cheapest Places to Visit

I was skimming the Huffington Post last night and came across this interesting little bit that was reposted from Smarter Travel has created a nifty and current list for the cheapest places to go for 2014. It will be interesting to see if the list remains relatively similar a year from now.

Here's what the Smarter Traveler says are the best places to visit on the cheap this year:

The Philippines

The combination of cosmo affordability and beautiful nature (kind of sounds like Panama) make the Philippines one top place that gives you a lot for your money. Lonely Planet even called it one of it's top value destinations for 2014. According to C.I.O. Wealth Management research Manila boasts some of the cheapest shopping and best dining in the world.


Greece hopes to be the cheap place that for planes, trains, and automobiles and cruise ships too! The goal to bring visitors back to the ancient ruins and famed beaches they are known for.  Greece is now uber cheap and quite empty so there's lots of room to play.

Dominican Republic

While the Caribbean isn't typically known for being cheap the Dominican Republic is a bastion of great value in the green sea of high Caribbean prices.

Mexico City

Two things continue to make Mexico a cheap place to visit, especially for Americans, first are the flights. You can there from pretty much any major city in the US and for low fare. And once you're there you can enjoy high end benefits like first class accommodation for far less than you would pay anywhere else.

Round out the top five is

Lisbon, Portugal

According to C.I.O. Wealth Management research Lisbon's middle price range hotels are the cheapest of 72 cities surveyed, the average rate is just $80/nite -- that's 50% lower than the global average.

Tune in tomorrow as we finish off the list...

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