Monday, April 27, 2015

Dr Michael Buna - Victoria Chiropractor

Dr. Michael Buna 

Dr. Buna is a Chiropractor in Victoria. A few months ago I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Michael. What a wonderful person and a true professional.

But don't take my word for read what these patients say about Dr Buna,

Bob Waters says, Dr. Michael Buna has been my first choice for chiropractic treatments for over 15 years. I rely upon his knowledge and skillful techniques to correct my back and neck vertebrae when misaligned, and to provide relief where other chiropractors have failed.
I am really thankful to know Dr. Buna. He has been most reliable and caring in all my treatments , with great results! Says Susan Yeats
And Stephen Hodges-Whittaker comments, Dr Buna has helped tremendously with back & neck problems and obviously cares about my continued good health

Those are just a few of comments from the hundreds of patients  who have visited Dr. Buna for their health challenges over the years.

If you live in Victoria British Columbia and are experiencing any kind of back, neck or joint pain related to a sports or other injury I encourage you to check out Health4Life Chiropractic and DR. Michael Buna.

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