Friday, February 7, 2014

Sherman- Denison Tx one of the nation’s Ten Cheapest Places to Live last year.

Nate Strauch writing for the Herald Democrat reports that Sherman Denison ranks cheapest in the US.

"Consumer prices in the Sherman-Denison area moved lower in 2013 compared to the national average, catapulting the area into the 10 least expensive places to live in the country."

Strauch reviewed pricing data from part of the year end review conducted by the Council for Community and Economic Research. The Council analyses data quarterly on the cost of living for 308 areas in the U.S. conisdered "Urban" living. Sherman and Denison had the rank of 7th Cheapest place to live in the U.S. in 2013 while it placed 14 overall back in in 2012.

Cost of living in Sherman-Denison dropped to 13.6 % below the U.S. national average in 2013, which amounted to a reduction from 11.2 percent in the previous year, 2012. Economic Development Corp. President Scott Connell from Denison said the lower numbers fit well with an industry wide focus on higher quality workforce. Translation - higher productivity is bringing the costs of goods down in the area.

“One of the things we’re seeing right now — and probably will see for several years — is the focus on employees; both the ability to find the specific talents that they’re looking at, and the ability to attract those people to their facilities,” said Connell. “So a really effective cost of living in our market is going to help us build and grow our workforce. It makes it a lot easier to get people to our market.”

Tony Kaai, president of the Denison Development Alliance agreed, adding that lower consumer prices are not usually the first thing a relocating company looks for, but they do make up a very important part of the process for luring new job creating businesses to Denison.

“We definitely use this data because it's such a positive thing,” said Kaai. “If you and some other community or even two communities are tied with business (in terms of costs), then the secondary level - quality of life, can be the deal-maker. So we’re fortunate to have that here. It is value-added.”

At 120.4 % above the mean, Manhattan has the dubious honour of being America’s most expensive city to live in. As mentioned in our previous post Harlingen defends its title as the Cheapest city to live in the U.S. Harlington is 18.4 percent under the average. Each communities score is listed as a percentage of the the national average.

Other areas on the top ten least expensive (cheapest) list, can be found on our post from a few days ago - Here

The places in the U.S. you may want to avoid if you're looking to save money begin with #2, New York (Brooklyn), Honolulu, San Francisco, New York (Queens), San Jose, Calif., Hilo, Hawaii,  Stamford, Conn.,  Orange County, Calif., and Washington, D.C., 140.1.

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