Monday, March 12, 2012

Are There Cheap Places To Live In Florida That Are Safe?

Are there cheap places to live in Florida that are safe? This is a big question for anyone that is thinking about relocating to that state. It is especially important to people who want to retire to Florida and are on a limited budget. It definitely is possible to find affordable housing when using a bit of research and planning. Florida is divided among its geographic regions. Here is a look into cheap and safe places to live in Florida.

Cheap Places To Live In Florida

In the recent past, Florida has suffered from devastating storms that raised insurance and property taxes to a high rate. However, as more and more people are found to enter foreclosures, this state has an abundance of housing deals. Southern Florida is one of the most expensive areas in the state and the weather is very unpredictable and brings a strong risk of hurricanes. On the other hand, cities like Tampa and Orlando, in the central region of the state, are much better choices. Even though the real estate in this section can get costly, older areas have more affordable pricing. The northern area of central Florida has an endless number of inexpensive houses, low taxes, and cheap land improvement. North Florida, including the city of Jacksonville, is a safe area of the state that has a lot of cheap housing options as well.

Cheapest Places To Live

One of the cheapest places to live in Florida is one of the many mobile home parks. For retired couples, there are adult only communities that bring good opportunities to meet other people. Rent is low and prices on mobile homes are relatively cheap. Activities like swimming and tennis are ways to get involved in the neighborhood. Many times, mobile home communities have planned evening get togethers.

Best Places To Live In Florida

Florida is well known for its warm and sunny temperatures. It has a low crime rate and is a perfect environment for sports like golf and activities like fishing. Tampa is a city on Florida's west coast and is a mecca for tourists because of the beaches and commercial dealings. There is a large amount of condos that line this area as well. Miami lies on the east coast of South Florida. It has the nickname "The Gateway To The Americas" because it is a hub for media, fashion, music, and entertainment. Tallahassee, the state capital, houses many educational and job opportunities. It is evident that anyone searching for a safe and inexpensive city to live in should consider Florida. There are many towns that have affordable real estate all long the large coastline. The temperature, natural beauty, entertainment, and other opportunities makes Florida one of the best places to live.

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