Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Places to Live in Florida for Families

Where are the Best Places to Live in Florida for Families?

Florida is no longer a place just for the rich or retired; it has become a place for the common family to live due to the increase in job availability and wonderful climate, along with various other factors. However, when people think of Florida they don't typically think of it as a family-friendly place to live. It's true there are some parts of Florida that are unpleasant, or possibly even dangerous. That is why it is vital to choose your new home from safe areas that are known as the best places to live in Florida, to ensure that your family gets to live in a happy, safe location. Finding one of these Florida gems is not too difficult; you just need to know where to look.

The Best Places to Live

Using NeighborhoodScout, Dr. Andrew Schiller has been able to pinpoint the top ten places in Florida to live. He is the creator of the NeighborhoodScout engine, and built it so that families can find the most suitable places to live and raise a family. It takes into consideration the safety from crime, public school quality, number of families currently residing there, number of adults with degrees in the area, number of adults who own their home, and many other factors. This is how it determines the quality of living for families in certain areas, which in turn helps families that are looking for homes in the area find the place they would fit in the best. This tool reveals

The Top Ten Places to Live in Florida

- Windermere, FL

- Boca Raton, FL

- Winter Springs, FL

- Key Biscayne, FL

- Longwood, FL

- Orange Park, FL

- Fort Lauderdale, FL

- Jupiter, FL

- Oviedo, FL

- Naples, FL

Safe Places to Live

Each of the towns listed above have been verified that they are indeed safe for families to live there. Safety is the top concern this program takes into consideration when choosing the best places for families to live, as safety is typically the top concern for families. Families want to know that the place they are moving to is safe for themselves, as well as their children. Child safety is a necessity for any family to even consider living somewhere, so NeighborhoodScout has looked into the crime rate in these areas to make sure that families can feel safe living in these areas.

So if you are one of those families that are looking into moving into Florida, take a look at these ten towns listed above. These towns are believed to be the best places in Florida for families to live in, proven by statistics.

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