Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What to Do When You Retire

Life After Retirement

Today our Guest Author Hugo takes a quick look at Life after Retirement and cautions us about not taking it seriously enough. He also shares some ideas around How to Retire, When to Retire and What to do in retirement. Enjoy!

Although you're certainly meant to relax when you retire, you're not exactly designed to just stop and go to sleep. In retirement it's important to realize that you don't want to let relaxation get the better of you. Far too many retirees have been down that road and didn't like the outcome. Sure, after your long years of labour you do need to and deserve to relax. But not at the expensive of your health or your potential. You still have a lot of game left in you and you need to take advantage of your ability to still get around and contribute. It starts by thinking now - putting together your own Personal Retirement Plan. In a nut shell that is how to retire!

What to Do in Retirement

The first thing to dismiss is the worry about getting in poor health. If you focus on that it is sure to happen and yet the simplest way to make sure that doesn't happen is to avoid being inactive in your retirement. It doesn't take long for ailments to settle in simply because you are letting your body stagnate. The key is, 'Use it or lose it!' It's no excuse to think just because you are now in your golden years that you need to slow down. The key is to find a form of activity that you like to do. When you discover activities where the people around you are pleasant and enjoying themselves you'll love every minute of it, guaranteed!

Many people are actually quite afraid of retirement because they believe getting old means becoming redundant. But that couldn't be further from the truth. You can beat those false mindsets and beliefs if you accept that those thoughts can creep in from time to time and to make a plan against them. There are numerous strategies to beat the retirement blues and one of the most simple is to just do something about it. Really, if something is not working get up, mover and do anything else. After all,  anything else is a whole lot better than doing nothing at all.

Here's just one simple way to insure your retirement plan is a memorable one - begin writing about your life. You don't have to have lived a crazy life to know that it has value. The next generation love to read about the past and they love to read about your unique personal history. Another way to make sure you remain vital in retirement is to join a proactive club where you can find something to contribute.

How to Retire

Here are a few final suggestions on making the most of your retirement - I suggest you make a list of different things you enjoy doing now and things you would like to continue to do even after you retire. Keep that list close at hand and be sure to review it from time to time. If you discover there arre things on your list that you have stopped doing or haven't done in a while be sure to make those a priority and fit them back into your retirement lifestyle. My final suggestion is to take some time and make a project out of researching the Best Places to Retire and places you want to visit while you are still active and mobile.  Even if you never get to the Best Places to Visit in the World just the act of learning about them will be a rich reward in itself.

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