Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Best in the World! Condé Nast

The votes are in and Condé Nast Traveler has released it's Best in the World! Reader's Choice Awards.

I love reading this issue!  It's fantastic because it comes from the readers of Condé Nast Traveler - not some biased PR firm whose job it is to make Best Of list's. In fact Condé Nast got feedback from almost 26,000 people for this years Best in the World. That's a lot of seasoned travelers opinions and that's what I believe makes this one very credible list. While we're on the topic lets talk a little about the 'methodology' they use to create the ranked Best Of lists which cover pretty much every topic a seasoned traveler would want (see below for categories). Each year the magazine requests feedback from a selected sample of their readers through a secure online survey. This year the final tabulation of the 25,916 responses were done by Global Market Institute, Inc. of Boston, MA. Each candidate - hotel, city, airline etc. - was rated on a five point scale  in different categories. The scores are then averaged and summarized to come up with the rank order form highest to lowest. If any particular candidate did not get a minimum number of complete responses they were re,moved form the competition.

So, what did it all add up too?

Best in the World

There are over 1,000 winners in this years Best in the World lists as selected and voted upon by people who are passionate about travel. Over 500 hotels, almost 400 resorts, cities, islands, transportation and more. This truly is the Best of the Best. The first list puts it all together and gives you the Top 100 Hotels, Resorts and Cruises in the World. Things then get broken down into categories beginning with -

The Worlds Best Hotels

There are 530 hotels in this years list from A to Z, literally! The Best Hotels in the World are known for their uncompromising stand on quality and consistency. It's also interesting to note that 80 of the best also made the list for the World's Best new properties.

Top Cities

The best cities in the world don't have to present a sky line of modern high rises or a collection of historic sites to make the list. No the Top 50 Best Hotels in the World include it all. From Medieval Bruges to Carmel by the Sea. These are also presented by location and broken down into sub sets by six continents - Asia, Africa/Middle East, the United States, Europe, The Americas and Oceania.

The Top Resorts in the World

380 of them! are also broken down by continent so you can find the Best of the Best from Africa to Mainland U.S.A. Whether your looking for the Best Beach Resorts or a Desert Spa this list doesn't fail to please or offer an abundance of options.

Top Island Vacations

Did you know there are actually over 3,000 islands you can visit form the South Pacific to the North Atlantic  But which ones are the best? Well Condé Nast readers will enlighten you as to which are the Top 50 Island in the world. This list may present some surprises but one island you won't be surprised to find at the top of the Oceania category is Maui, Hawaii.

Top Cruises - Airlines - and Car Rentals

No list of the Best of the Best for travelers would be complete without covering the Top Transportation. If it's true that 'getting there can be half the fun' than want to be sure to explore the list of the Top 20 Airlines; Top 20 Cruise Lines and the Top 10 Car Rental Companies. The alternative can leave you stewing for days and when days are all you've got on vacation wouldn't It be a crime to waste the first few getting over a lousy trip!

So, what's missing from the lists? How about the Best Spas for one. Now I know that's not by accident as the magazine devotes an entire issue to the Best Spas in the World. I'll be sure to review that one as soon as it arrives!

For now click forward as we jump into each of the Best in the World Lists one at a time. Be sure to have your notepad and travel agents number handy as I'm sure by the end of your read you're going to be ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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Source: Condé Nast Traveler

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